CDOM measurements made easy!

Built-in EEM Analysis Tools

The only simultaneous absorbance and fluorescence system for water quality analysis

Identifying and quantifying natural and man-made colored dissolved organic matter components is a crucial problem in understanding water quality. This measurement requires the collection of both the fluorescence and absorbance spectra of the sample.

To address this need, HORIBA Scientific introduces the AqualogTM, the only instrument to simultaneously measure both absorbance spectra and fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices (EEMs).

The AqualogTM measures CDOM (colored dissolved organic matter) in water 100 times faster than other fluorescence methods.

The measurement is based on fluorescence excitation-emission matrices (EEMS) corrected for all instrumental factors. These corrections require an absorbance measurement to also be performed on the water sample.

Dedicated software automates traceable Quinine Sulfate Unit calibration and correction of inner-filter effects and rayleigh and Raman scattering lines, enabling rapid export to modeling algorithms like PARAFAC.

Dimensional excitation and emission
spectral profile extraction from EEMs
Aqualog is the only table-top, affordable instrument based on a CCD detector for fast simultaneous readout of the entire emission spectrum
Spectral & kinetic analysis tools for both absorbance & flourescence data
Fully syndicated software
Methods & batch protocols for automating multiple sample measurement
Optimized experiment set-up menus minimize configuration time
Inner-filter effect correction
Complete NIST-traceable corrected flourescence spectra automatically generated Rayleigh masking (1st and 2nd grating orders)
Normalization (Quinine sulfate units or Raman scattering units.

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