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Modu-Laser offers a variety of single-line argon laser products in three of the most popular argon laser wave-lengths (457nm, 488nm, and 514nm). We also offer multi-Line argon lasers with output power levels up to 300mW (TEMoo). In addition, our Stellar "Select" lasers offer filter selectable wave-lengths of 457nm, 488nm, 514nm or all lines combined; perfect for universities or applications where multiple wave-lengths are needed. Modu-Laser also offers an air-cooled 1000mW multi-line argon laser (non-TEMoo) for entertainment applications. All of our systems utilize sealed-mirror technology and high-efficiency state-of-the-art integrated power supplies.



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Quantel was founded in 1970 and since then has built up a first-rate worldwide reputation in the field of solid-state lasers. The Quantel group is the leader in the rapidly advancing field of laser technology and we continuously bring to you new products and new technologies as we have been doing for the past 37 years. The Group invests heavily in research and development and this has led to the introduction of numerous innovative and successful new products. Quantel is an international company with Headquarters located in France and subsidiaries in the USA, in Germany and in France.


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Bookham and Avanex merged into a new market leading entity called "Oclaro". Newly formed Oclaro is now one of the largest providers to the long-haul and metro markets, and the fourth largest provider of optical components and subsystems to the fiber optics market, neck-and-neck with the third largest provider. By combining the leadership optical components from Bookham, with the systems integration, modules and subsystems expertise of Avanex, Oclaro plans to leverage the combined strengths of both companies to better serve its customers, continually improve its position, and create a corporate culture that is vibrant, motivating and united under a common goal.


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OWIS GmbH was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Staufen near Freiburg, in South-Western Germany. Our 50 employees ensure excellent products and consistent customer service. The company develops, produces, distributes and services optical beam handling as well as highly precise positioning systems – still according to the maxim "made in Germany". Information technology, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, medicine, image processing and printing industry are some of our product application areas.


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Kinetic Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of vibration isolation and control since its inception in 1968. Through continuing research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, Kinetic Systems, Inc. has pioneered many state-of-the-art developments in vibration isolation, damping, and structural design. KSI engineers routinely solve a wide variety of complex vibration isolation problems for customers in applications as diverse as aerospace, medical research, laser R&D, and semiconductor equipment.

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Lighthouse Photonics is committed to supplying high quality lasers with exceptional value to the scientific and industrial communities. By combining unique and enabling laser designs with world-class components we produce high-performance lasers efficiently and reliably.

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KMLabs was established in 1994. Their research in the early 1990s resulted in the development of the first robust and repeatable mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser capable of generating <10fs light pulses. KMLabs began a phase of more rapid growth based upon a new range of robust, high-performance, ultrafast oscillator and amplifier products for the international research market and has established a position as a world leader in high peak and average power and ultra short pulse ultrafast amplifier systems.

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