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CP20 - OEM miniature spectrograph

The CP20 miniature spectrograph is available with a choice of solid state array detectors. Designed for OEM applications, it will fit into small, hand-held, portable instruments or can take the place of larger spectrometers where space is at a premium.


Drop the H1034B into your product and take data immediately. Each unit is pre-aligned at the factory and tested in accordance with your requirements, ensuring consistently high performance. Holographic grating, pioneered by JY, deliver performance not possible with other small designs. Ion-Etched gratings combine the advantages of holographic gratings with a high efficiency. Aberration-corrected concave gratings permit a one-piece opticsl design with excellent imaging properties.

CP140 - Imaging Spectrograph

The CP-140 Imaging Spectrograph offers the OEM customer a sturdy, low-cost, f/2, modular instrument, with unsurpassed spatial resolution. High-efficiency, ion-etched, holographic gratings make the CP-140 the perfect spectrograph for use with multiple fiber inputs, linear arrays, and CCD type detectors. Selected gratings cover specific spectral regions from 190 nm to 2500 nm.


VS-7000-CCD is the latest evolution of the low cost, high performance family of mini-spectrometers from HORIBA Scientific. This VS-7000 system for industrial applications uses a modified VS70 optical engine which is optimized for the UV-VIS spectral range.Ideal for industrial low light applications such as fluorescence, emission, absorbance, and reflectance. Outperforms current generation minispectrometers based on front illuminated Sony or Toshiba CCDs, or low-cost backilluminated CCDs.

VS140 Low Cost Linear Array Spectrometers

In the lab, in the field, or on the shop floor you will collect the highest quality spectra possible with one of the new small, portable, and rugged VS 140 series linear array spectrometers. VS 140s have the largest aperture in their class, and are the only compact spectrometers available with a choice of either a linear CCD or high-dynamic-range PDA array detector. They come standard with Lynear software featuring on-the fly data treatment and automated time stamped data acquisition for unattended and process monitoring applications.

Micro HR

MicroHR : A Compact, Versatile Czerny-Turner Spectrometer The MicroHR is a short focal length Czerny-Turner spectrometer that can be used as an imaging spectrograph or a scanning Monochromator. As a spectrograph, it features either a fixed or micrometer adjustable entrance slit with out unique Quick-Align CCD adapter. The MicroHR can easily be converted to a scanning monochromator by adding a second exit slit. Equipped with an interchangeable kinematic grating mount and HORIBA Jobin Yvon's library of gratings, the MicroHR has a wavelength range that extends from 150nm to 15 mm.


The TRIAX 180 is a compact imaging spectrometer with high throughput and complete automation. The interchangeable triple grating turret can be configured initially with today's experiments, while allowing you to avoid costly installation charges when you upgrade with additional triple grating turrets for tomorrow's experiments. Due to its unmatched performance, automation and versatility, this economical instrument has been implemented into a wide variety of our customers' applications

Gemini 180

The Gemini 180 is a fully automated, double additive grating scanning monochromator. The incorporation of toroidal optics provides for optimum throughput and spectral resolution. It is ideal for applications that require low stray light and illumination including Transmission, Absorbance, Reflectance, and Fluorescence. The Gemini 180 also functions as a high power, high purity light source for Fluorescence, Detector Characterization, and microscope illumination when Coupled with our FL-1039 (450 W Xe Light Source).The Gemini 180 is fully automated, including the scanning drive, slits and shutters. The direct digital drive is self-calibrating. A single drive train is used to move each of the kinematically mounted gratings. One grating of the drive is coupled directly to the stepper motor while the second grating follows the rotation of the first via a metal belt transmission to ensure the best wavelength coupling between the two stages.

iHR320 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR320 provides a platform for spectroscopic measurements for years to come. The design of the spectrometer itself and its accompanying accessories and software enables users to customize the iHR for any experiment. This customization starts with the choice of entrance and exit ports, the library of HORIBA Jobin Yvon gratings, and the full line of spectroscopic accessories for various measurements. SynerJY, our general purpose spectroscopy software based on Origin software, provides a platform for most measurements. Additional software possibilities are available, including our Software Development Kit and LabVIEW VIs.

iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR550 spectrometer offers a unique combination of spectral quality, flexibility, robustness, and ease of use that makes it the ideal general-purpose spectrometer for performing spectral measurements with quality results.With a focal length of 0.55 m, the iHR550 is designed to deliver superb image quality for spectral measurements, and offers the ability to perform multi-track experiments with up to 20 fiber inputs. Incorrect and re-diffracted spectra are eliminated using an asymmetric Czerny-Turner design, in conjunction with our patented on-axis grating drive system. The iHR550 has two entrance and two exit ports available. Each exit port can be configured for use with either an Array detector, such as a CCD, or with a slit for use with a PMT.Built as a single-piece cast aluminum housing, the iHR550 is robust and ready to easily make the most difficult measurements.

1000M, Series II: High Resolution Research Spectrometer

With a 1000 mm focal length, this spectrometer is ideal for applications when extremely low stray light levels are required, such as in Raman fluorescence excitation or when ultra high resolution is needed for emission structure analysis. A large mechanical range allows high density gratings to be utilized at a longer wavelength for maximum resolution potential – a 1200 g/mm grating can be scanned to 1500 nm, with .008 nm resolution.
The M Series has long been a proven family of research-grade spectrometers, offering a degree of system automation and versatility not found in any comparable focal length spectrometer. The new Series II product line provides the reliability and unchallenged resolution that has come to be associated with M Series spectrometers, with improved features including high speed USB 2.0 compatibility, complete library of interchangeable gratings, and compatibility with HORIBA Jobin Yvon’s Synapse™ CCDs, full line of single channel detectors, PMTs and accessories.

FHR Spectrometer: FHR 640 & FHR 1000

The Ultimate Performance Spectrometer. The new FHR 640 and FHR 1000 spectrometers offer a unique combination of drive speed, precision and high resolution, completely revolutionizing the large spectrometer market. Designed for researchers who require high accuracy with immediate results, the versatility of the FHR allows for utilization over a wide spectral range, extending from the UV to the IR. The instrument's cast body design accounts for temperature induced stress and expansion, preventing any significant wavelength shifts or signal loss and allowing for optimal performance.
We offer a wide range of accessories for optical configurations including light sources, detectors, optical benches, motors, recorders and computer interfaces. For more information please Contact Us.

1250M Research Spectrometer

Fitted with extra-large mirrors, the 1250M offers the ultimate in resolution without sacrificing throughput. It has unmatched specifications, at an affordable price, with the addition of automated features common to the M Series Spectrometers. This combination makes the 1250M unique among high resolution spectrometers. It is, of course, compatible with all HORIBA Jobin Yvon controllers, from the RS232 interface to SynerJY Software which provides complete automation of your experiment.The 1250M is the spectrometer of choice for highest resolution spectroscopy whether your samples are gases, semiconductors, lasers or something else.



Multi Channel Detectors


Synapse (TE-Cooled and USB-2)

Synapse CCD is the complete solution for modern spectroscopic measurements from simple absorbance to the most difficult Raman or photoluminescence measurements. This compact CCD detector is designed to interface with all HORIBA Jobin Yvon spectrometers and provide highly sensitive detection for any experiment.

  • High Sensitivity & Low Noise
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Hi-Speed USB
  • Auxiliary Signal Input
  • Built-in Shutter Driver
  • Flexible Triggering

Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Symphony CCDs

The Symphony line of CCD detectors is a family of array detectors from HORIBA Jobin Yvon - the world leader in optical spectroscopy. Because of their unique combination of outstanding sensitivity, high speed, low noise, ruggedness and durability, all in compact and economical packages, these array detectors have totally revolutionized spectroscopic detection with the ultimate performance for a wide range of spectroscopic applications.

InGaAs Arrays

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon family of NIR array detectors, the Symphony Series, feature spectroscopic grade InGaAs detectors in a linear array of 512 or 1024 pixels. Spectral coverage from 0.8 to 1.7 microns is standard. With high quantum efficiencies up to 85%, and low dark noise, these detectors are ideal for demanding applications in the NIR including photoluminescence measurements, laser diode characterization, telecoms, Raman spectroscopy, singlet oxygen sensing and environmental monitoring.

Sygnature™ Linear CCD Detection System

SygnatureT is a compact linear detection system offering outstanding sensitivity and acquisition speed. It is ideally suited for UV-VIS-NIR absorption, colorimetric, emission, and many fluorescence measurements. The SygnatureT detectors come in two varieties, the 3648 pixel CCD and the 1024 pixel PDA. The 3648 pixel CCD has 8 µm x 200 µm pixels which provide uncompromised resolution over its 29 mm focal plane and highest sensitivity for lower signal levels. The 1024 pixel PDA is best for medium to high light level applications that can take advantage of its greater dynamic range.

The i-Spectrum Two family of Intensified CCD detectors is designed with scientific grade thermoelectrically cooled CCDs and a grade (1) gateable image intensifier. The HORIBA Jobin Yvon i-Spectrum Two ICCD detectors provide a fully integrated instrument for time resolved measurements. It offers superior performance in gating frequency, speed, sensitivity, dynamic range, readout noise and spectral acquisition rates – all in a compact, rugged and economical package.

Single Channel Detectors

The Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)
PMT detectors typically offer much higher sensitivity than solid state detectors and operate effectively in the UV/VIS and NIR. However, typically their spectral coverage is limited to about 950 nm. PMT detectors also require high voltage power supplies. The PMT detectors offered by HORIBA Jobin Yvon are high quality PMTs in ambient or water cooled housings and head-on or side-on configurations.

Solid State Detectors

Solid state detectors are opto-electronic devices used to convert incident photons to electronic signals. Available with wavelength ranges from below 200 nm to beyond 20 µm, solid state detectors offer sensitivity, dependability, cost and efficiency. Jobin Yvon has a large number of solid state detectors that cover any application. They are available as ambient, thermoelectric, or liquid nitrogen cooled depending on your sensitivity needs.

Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

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