FTA - Contact Angle and Surface Tension Instruments

FTA1000 A Class
Precision Drop Dispense Mechanism
This novel approach to drop dispense solves many problems associated with nano and picoliter volumes. A dispense head is available for inclusion in user's equipment and a complete workstation is available for evaluating the technology and using it on a small scale

  • Dispense & measurement heads
  • Nanoliter and picoliter dispensers
  • Compact, self-contained
  • Miniature optics verify operation
  • Top view contact angles
  • OEM and robotics friendly
  • Self-contained microprocessor: no host computer required
  • Built-in LCD and keypad
  • Supports local VGA, touchscreen, keyboard, mouse
  • Browser interface over Ethernet LAN or Internet


FTA1000 B Class
Economical Drop Shape Instruments

  • Economical bench top units
  • Expandable, upgradeable instruments
  • Contact angle and surface tension measurements
  • User-swappable modules for entire electronics chain
  • Plug and play determination of options present
  • Excellent for QA and factory floor use
  • Some systems can be powered by laptop
To design your instrument:
1) Choose stage and / or chamber
2) Choose camera + microscope + backlight combination
3) Choose dispense pump + tip Z control


FTA1000 C Class
General Purpose Laboratory Drop Shape Instruments

  • Top-of-the-line general purpose laboratory instrument
  • Very wide range of modules available
  • All modules user-installable
  • Variety of additional stages and chambers planned for future
  • 1 and 4 pump options
  • Heated syringes possible
  • All the flexibility of the B frame and more
  • Designed to be run by automation one-click scripts

To design your instrument:
1) Choose stage and / or chamber
2) Choose camera + microscope + backlight combination
3) Choose dispense pump + tip Z control
4) Optionally add an autosampler
5) Optionally add a llokdown camera for locating drop on sample


Small Drop Contact Angle Analyzer
The FTA4000 is a video drop shape analysis system optimized for extremely small drops. Both sessile drop contact angle and pendant drop surface tensions can be measured. Surface regions as small as 50 microns in diameter can be probed with drop volumes as low as 10 picoliters.

The unique NanoDispense electronic pump provides control for contact angle measurements for sessile drop volumes in from below 10 picoliters to many nanoliters. The entire instrument is enclosed to protect the measurement from air currents and rapid temperature changes. The design is clean room compatible.

  • Piezo-electric jetting for picoliter drops
  • Jetted volumes down to 20 picoliters
  • Can also form classical pendant drops up to ml volumes
  • Automated touch-off for classical drops
  • Dip-and-sip for low volume pump prime


Multi-Fluid Programmable Analyzer
The FTA2000 provides a high level of automation to characterizing surfaces of high value products such as silicon wafers, disk platters, and LCD panels. Contact angles, wetting tensions, and surface energy measurements can now be easily made over 2-D surfaces. The instrument makes point measurements on a grid covering the surface, then software computes a topographic map of the surface to assist in visualizing how the surface chemistry varies from one location to another

  • 300mm wafer capable platter, can handle smaller wafers
  • Can handle rectangular samples that fit within 300mm circle
  • Contact angle and surface tension analysis
  • Platter and camera tilt through 90° for receding angle analysis
  • 6 tip, 17 liquid vial, autosampler
  • Tip changer option available


Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

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