EMS - Histology and Light Microscopy

  • Chart of Dyes and Stains for Histopathlogy
  • Reagents for Fixing, Dehydrating, Clearing and Staining
    - Acetate Buffer to Hexylene Glycol
    - HISTOCHOICE to Zinc/Formalin
  • Staining Solutions
  • Prepared Staining Kits
    - Bacterial, Fungal and Inclusion Body Stains
    - Stain for Blood and Hematological Elements
    - Bones and Calcium
    - Carbohydrate and Mucosubstance
    - Connective Tissue
    - Cytoplasmic Granule
    - Fat and Lipid
    - Mineral & Pigment
    - Neurological Tissue
    - Nuclear Stains
    - Papanicolaou, General & Misc
  • Embedding Media
  • Aldehyde Control Systems
  • Tools and Gadgets for Histology Preparation
    - Scalpels Blades and Knives
    - Forceps and Scissors
    - Tongs, Probes, Spoons, Spatulas
    - Loops, Needles, and Sterilizers
    - Bone Rongeurs, Cutters, Shears, and Saws
  • Adhesives and Mounting Media
  • Staining Apparatus
  • Stainmate Bi-Linear Batch Stainers
  • General Supplies
    Brushes, Boards, Trays, Gloves, Marker, and Containers
  • Tissue Embedding and Processing Cassettes
  • Embedding Supplies, Capsules, Molds, and Markers
  • Microscope Slides
  • Cover Glasses
  • Slides Mailers, Holders, and Drainers
  • Microtome Blades, Holders and Supplies
  • Cytocentrifuge
  • Retriever for Formalin-fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissues
  • Cryostat Section Preparation Aids
  • Paraffin Embedding and Section Mounting
  • Slide Warmers and Ovens / Incubators
  • Slide, Cassette, and Tissue Block Storage
  • Digital Histology Slide Scanner
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  • IMPORTANT UPDATE! The workshop has been moved to November 30 to December 1

    SIRIM, in cooperation with Horiba Scientific are holding a workshop, "Photoluminescence of Sol-Gel Derived Materials and Optical Fibers for Photonic Applications." Read More...

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