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Dragon™ Ti:sapphire Laser Amplifier

The Dragon™ is the highest average power, shortest pulse, single-stage ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser system on the market, allowing software-controlled real- time changes in repetition rate, without optical realignment. The Dragon can incorporate a range of different pump lasers operating between 1 and 20kHz.Harmonic conversion, OPA and EUV options are now available for the Dragon Series of amplifiers.


RedDragon™ Ti:sapphire Laser Amplifier

The RedDragon™ is KMLabs' high power, two-stage laser amplifier system, compatible with many different pump lasers operating between 10Hz and and 20kHz. Harmonic conversion, OPA and EUV options are now available for the RedDragon Series of amplifiers.

The RedDragon employs KMLabs' Dragon as the first stage of amplification, and also includes cryogenic cooling in the second amplification stage. By implementing our patented technology in the first stage of amplification, KMLabs ensures repetition rate flexibility for our multistage systems, as well as our single-stage systems. By contrast, systems that employ cryogenic cooling only within second and subsequent amplification stages suffer from thermal lensing within the first stage amplification crystal, just as a non cryo-cooled single stage amplifier would. This thermal lensing within the first amplification stage precludes the user from real-time software control of the repetition rate or pump pulse energy, and limits beam quality. With complete cryo-cooling, the KMLabs RedDragon laser systems can be used over wide repetition rate and pulse energy ranges, with no need for changes in the optical configuration. KMLabs manufactures RedDragon systems with up to 20 mJ at 1 kHz, or up to 50W average power at higher repetition rates.

The RedDragon-TW Series generates up to 1 J at 10 Hz repetition rate. Pulse durations as short as < 25 fs are supported, as well as certain versatile waveforms.


CEP Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilized Amplifiers

KMLabs is the world-leader in CEP-stabilized amplifier systems. The Dragon and RedDragon amplifier series are both available as CEP-ready or fully CEP-stabilized systems.

Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

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