Oclaro - Amplification


980 nm Pump Lasers

  • BMUT**
    Uncooled Multimode Pump Laser Module
  • CM96**
    980nm Cooled MiniDIL Pump Laser Module, 600m
  • WLC94**
    980nm Pump Laser Module - Grating Stabilized, 300m
  • WLC95**
    980nm Pump Laser Module - Grating Stabilized, 400m
  • WLC96**
    980nm Pump Laser Module - Grating Stabilized, 600m
  • WLC962U*
    980nm Pump Laser Module - Grating Stabilized, 750m
  • WLU9***
    980nm Uncooled Pump Laser Module
  • LUS9**
    980nm Pump Laser Module for Submarine Applications



Digitally-Controlled EDFAs

  • PureGain PG1600
    Compact EDFA with Oasis™ Controls
  • PureGain PG1600P
    Transient-Optimized EDFA with OASIS Controls
  • PureGain PG2800
    Configurable EDFA with Oasis™ Controls
  • PureGain PG3000
    Performance EDFA with Oasis™ Controls
  • Fully Customized Amplifier Solutions
    In addition to our broad portfolio of standard amplifiers, we provide comprehensive support with the design and implementation of fully customized solutions. Bookham provides it's customers with end-to-end design and manufacturing support to enable the rapid realisation of customer-specific amplification solutions leveraging world-class pump laser and thin-film-filter technologies and many years of technical experience as the market-leading DWDM EDFA module supplier.


Gain Blocks

  • MBC series
    MiNi Block, MSA-Compatible Preamp and Booster Gainblocks
  • MBMC-1 series
    MiNi Block µ7040 Ultra-Compact EDFA Gainblock
  • PureGain PG1000 Booster
    Fixed Gain, Compact EDFA Booster Amplifier
  • PureGain PG1000
    Pre-Amp Compact EDFA Pre-Amplifier
  • PureGain PG300
    "Half MSA" Small Form Factor EDFA Gain Block
  • PureGain PG400
    Small Form Factor EDFA Gain Block


Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

News & Announcements

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE! The workshop has been moved to November 30 to December 1

    SIRIM, in cooperation with Horiba Scientific are holding a workshop, "Photoluminescence of Sol-Gel Derived Materials and Optical Fibers for Photonic Applications." Read More...

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