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Auxiliary Work Surfaces - AWS
Get your instrumentation off the work surface. 23" deep shelf supports up to 400 lbs. and can be ordered with UL-approved lighting, electrical outlets, and additional shelves (electrical options US only). Ideal for power supplies, controllers, scopes, etc. Completely independent support won’t interfere with vibration isolation.

Tabletop Enclosures - TTE

For a draft-free or environmentally controlled atmosphere, add a tabletop enclosure constructed of durable acrylic. The 32" high enclosure has aluminum framework, a rigid composite roof, and 1/4" acrylic side and end panels. Side panels slide to provide easy access to the table from either side. Available with clear, amber, or smoke-gray colored panels. Optional HEPA filter blower can be mounted on top for a slightly positive air pressure.

Laser Mounting Shelf
Mount a large laser beneath the tabletop on this honeycomb mounting shelf suspended from the bottom surface of the tabletop. The 2" thick honeycomb shelf is provided in two sizes: 15" x 48" and 15" x 68". If ordered at the same time as the tabletop, we will drill all required attaching holes.

Laser Port

An optional 2" diameter sleeved hole through the tabletop enables a laser beam to be directed to the work surface from a mounting shelf below the table. The laser port is normally located on the center line 5.5" from one end of the table and is bonded to the top and bottom table surfaces for durability. For other diameters, square, rectangular, or odd-shaped holes, submit a sketch for a quote

Modular Butt Splice

When joining tables, a butt splice is required for unobstructed top surface and maximum rigidity. Two 3/4" thick, matched ground and pinned steel plates are used. One is precisely aligned and welded to the top and bottom surfaces. The second plate is attached with fasteners, the joining table is aligned with the first and the plate is welded to it. The tables are separated and packed for shipping. At installation, alignment and easy assembly are assured by matching up the locating pins.

Lab Splice Kit

When an unobstructed tabletop is not an issue, a splice kit can be used to join tables of the same thickness. The kit consists of a top plate predrilled to match the tabletop hole pattern and two channels that are bolted to the bottom surfaces with 1/4-20 holes (drilled and tapped by the customer). A splice kit is ideal for field retrofitting two or more tables.

Seismic Restraints

For earthquake-prone areas, these retrofittable restraints will withstand a 1g seismic load of 4000 lbs. maximum without a failure. No contact between the table and restraint system during normal operation, assuring vibration isolation performance is not degraded.

Portable Air Compressor

This compact, fully-integrated air compressor is perfect for the operation of several table systems in locations where a house compressed air line is not available. Extremely quiet in operation (35 dB(A)/1 m), the PAC is complete with switch to maintain preset pressure, accumulator tank, pressure regulator/filter, gauges, and safety valve.

Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

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