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Vibration Control Workstations
General use, heavy duty use, moving loads, active systems, personalized economical systems, and even specialized systems for cleanroom applications... KSI has the Vibration Isolation Workstation that is right for your application and budget.

  • Ultra-Low Frequency Vibration Isolation Workstation
  • Active Vibration Control Workstations
  • High Performance Workstations
  • Heavy Duty Workstations
  • Personal Workstations (for load ranges up to 440 lbs.)
  • Variable Height Workstations
  • Cleanroom Workstations

For a more comprehensive information regarding the vibration control workstations availabe, please Contact Us


Vibration Control Benchtop Platforms
From the toughest applications requiring "Active Control" to the simplest applications that require an economical solution with good isolation capability, KSI has that and everything in between. Our Vibration Control Benchtop Platforms are available in four different contifgurations for use in enhancing the perfromance of precision tabletop equipment.

  • Active Vibration Control Platforms
  • Active-Air Vibration Control Platforms with Horizontal Isolation
  • Active Air Vibration Control Platforms
  • Passive Air Vibration Control Platforms

For a more comprehensive information regarding the vibration control benchtop platforms availabe, please Contact Us

VIBRALITE breadboards are available in five grades for OEM applications, prototyping, instrument bases, mounting small optical systems, and other uses requiring a flat, stable surface. Thinner and smaller than full-size optical tables, these “mini-tables” are built with the same precision tooling and high quality materials. Furnished with SPILLPRUF tapped mounting holes and elastomeric iso feet.

  • Non-magnetic Breadboards
  • Lightweight Breadboards
  • High Static Stiffness Breadboards
  • General Purpose Breadboards
  • Mounting Plates
  • Nonisolated Legstands

Vibration Isolation Equipment Platforms
Our platforms for large equipment offer you maximum flexibility and choice. We offer sixteen proven modular configurations to optimize your application. BaseMate designs feature a proprietary two-stage pendulum and airmount system that provide omnidirectional vibration isolation. Stage one is a low stiffness/high performance Active-Air leveling support system with very low vertical natural frequency to maximize the vertical isolation efficiency.

Vibration Free Islands
Vibration-Free Islands offer an economical control method for applications where equipment needs to be isolated from surrounding raised flooring and building vibrations. Since 1979, KSI has produced systems for use with raised cleanroom floors from 1' to 6' high. They provide an excellent alternative to poured in place isolation pads, and can be relocated in the future to reconfigure rooms. Today, we manufacture the most advanced sub-floor vibration isolation system.

Mounts for OEM Applications
Individual Mounts are ideal when designing or retrofitting sensitive equipment. They use the same isolation techniques as our workstations and platforms, and perform exceedingly well in new equipment or as retrofit into exisiting applications.

Other models or configurations may be available. Please contact us with your application reqirements.

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